Assisting Minnesota Farmers With Divorce Matters

A farm is a unique and valuable asset, not only for an individual farmer but for his or her entire family. When Minnesota farmers divorce, legal and emotional complexities will arise.

Do not face a divorce on your own. Seek the counsel of an experienced lawyer at Haugen Law Group.

Putting Years Of Experience To Work For You

Our Chaska office history can be traced back nearly 50 years to Robert A. Nicklaus. Throughout Carver County and Scott County, farming families come to us because we understand their needs and the complexities involved in their divorce cases.

We are honored to continue earning the trust and respect of each client and referring attorney by working hard to do what is right for our clients

Is A Farm A Marital Asset Or A Nonmarital Asset?

Farms are often inherited property, passed down from one generation to the next. The value of the farm is more than the value of the soil upon which it is built. A successful farm tends to be the result of an entire family pitching in and doing the work.

One spouse may have inherited the farm from his or her parents, but the other may have spent full days tending to crops or livestock, or handling other important duties. Both of these issues need to be taken into consideration when handling division of property during a farm family divorce. We can help you.

Addressing the valuation and division of farms, and all farm assets are all important factors. While the land itself tends to have both the most financial and emotional value, other assets are involved as well, including tractors and other equipment, livestock and even cow embryos, which can be particularly valuable and would not be present in any other type of divorce.

Skilled Guidance For Minnesota Farming Families

Our clients can expect us to approach these cases with an understanding of farm life and farm assets. We also bring in experts to ensure proper valuation when handling divorces for farmers. Ultimately, our goal is to craft a strategy that, through negotiation, a dispute resolution process or trial, provides the best outcome for those we represent.

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