Handling High-Asset Divorces For Minnesotans

When a divorce involves substantial assets, layers of complexities are added to the process. Do you own assets such as a business, real estate holdings, farmland, investment accounts or other valuable assets?

Seek the assistance of an experienced attorney from Haugen Law Group. Our high-asset divorce attorneys bring decades of experience and a reputation for success to these challenging cases. We serve divorce and family law clients in Carver County, Scott County and the surrounding areas of the Minnesota River Valley from our Chaska office location.

Helping You Maintain Your Existing Lifestyle After A Divorce

In high net worth divorce cases, maintaining the lifestyles of each of the spouses is of primary concern. How did each spouse live his or her life and spend money prior to the divorce? That information must be weighed against each spouse's earning capacity.

Ideally, a balance is struck through property division and spousal maintenance awards that allows each spouse to walk away from the marriage without any substantial decline in lifestyle. This can be particularly complex when an asset, such as a business or farm, must be divided.

The fact that one spouse may have made the business a success through his or her hard work and dedication does not necessarily entitle that spouse to ownership of the business. It still must be looked at in light of the total assets and the question of maintaining lifestyles. We will help you through that process.

What You Can Expect From Haugen Law Group

If you come to us for assistance with a divorce, we will take the time to learn about your priorities in terms of what specific assets need to be protected. We will bring in experts to ensure proper valuation of your property and assets. Let us craft a strategy that is designed to obtain the outcome that best matches your needs, including litigation and trial when necessary.

Don't Walk Away From Money On The Table

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