Do You Have A Child Support Question In Minnesota?

If you are facing a divorce or a split from your child's mother or father, you probably have questions regarding child support payments or obligations. This is such an important issue for you and your children that we do not want you to face this issue alone. We can help you.

Contact a Minnesota family law and divorce lawyer at Haugen Law Group for guidance. Our attorneys provide legal representation to families and individuals throughout Carver County and Scott County from our Chaska office.

Skilled Legal Assistance With All Matters Of Child Support

With a history that dates back nearly 50 years in the Minnesota River Valley region, our law firm maintains a reputation for focused attention to details and skilled assistance with all types of family law issues and disputes.

Whether you are involved in a child support payment issue during your divorce or paternity action, or involved in a post-divorce dispute, our lawyers are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of legal care. All we do is handle family law and divorce matters, including:

  • Child custody disputes
  • Spousal maintenance awards
  • Property division
  • Support modifications

Helping You Understand Minnesota Child Support Guidelines

In Minnesota, child support is calculated based on established guidelines. Our role as your law firm is to help ensure that these guidelines are followed correctly and that all of the numbers used in the calculations are accurate.

In some cases, such as when a parent has an unusually high income or a child has special needs, the child support award may deviate from the guidelines. Our experience means we are skilled at making certain that your opportunities for deviation are handled correctly.

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