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What Are Early Neutral Evaluations?

Divorce cases and other family law matters do not have to be handled in court. Here in Minnesota, there are several options for seeking the resolution of a case. One of these options is called an early neutral evaluation (ENE).

If you have questions about an ENE or are considering one, we can help you make that decision. At Haugen Law Group, PLLC, our Excelsior-based attorneys have decades of experience handling all types of family law cases through various avenues of resolution. This experience allows us to help clients make informed decisions whether an ENE is the best for them or the case should proceed through mediation, arbitration or in court litigation.

Benefits Of An ENE

An early neutral evaluation can benefit you in numerous ways, one being that the matter is handled outside of the traditional court setting. It is a way of intervening in a case and working toward a resolution in a voluntary, more amicable manner. An ENE can be cost-effective and efficient, moving forward on your schedule instead of the court’s.

When An ENE Is Not Appropriate

  • When domestic violence or abuse has been an issue, and one party feels threatened by or scared of the other party.
  • When the other party has legal representation but you do not have a lawyer.
  • When substance abuse or dependency, or mental health issues affect the other party.
  • When honesty from either party cannot be guaranteed.

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