You may have friends and family in Carver and Scott Counties who have gone through a divorce, and they may offer you lots of unsolicited advice about yours. Even though you are in the process of filing, you might want to be careful about the kind of divorce advice you listen to and follow. Your loved ones may mean well, and some of their experiences may be similar to yours. But those are not good reasons for you to listen to their good intentions. 

Regardless of the similarities, you should not assume that what works for another person will undoubtedly work for you. You do not want to risk doing or saying something that can have an adverse impact on your situation. Here are some things you should consider about divorce advice. 

Get professional advice 

If you feel confused or unsure of how you should handle your separation, get help from a professional. These people have experience with the things you are experiencing and the knowledge and resources to help you overcome any challenges you may encounter. 

Control yourself 

You may feel like acting like you do not have common sense because your ex-spouse does the same. His or her actions should not influence your behavior. Stay respectful and professional. If you resort to shenanigans during your divorce, your behavior could create an unfavorable impression with the courts and affect your settlement. 

Protect you and your kids best interests 

If you have kids, keep them first. Do what you can to cater to their best interests and then see to your own. If your soon-to-be-ex-partner is not cooperating and giving you a hard time about custody, visitation or the division of marital property, you should consider working with an attorney. If you have concerns about your current and post-divorce finances, you might also benefit from speaking to a financial expert. 

There is nothing wrong with listening to your friends’ divorce stories and advice, but be mindful of the advice you follow. If it is not from a professional, it could cause complications. Research your situation and do everything you can to ensure your divorce is settled in fairly.