Blending two lives together in a marriage with a downpour of assets added into the mix creates a complicated divorce process. The greater number of shared assets, the more tempting it is for a spouse to cover-up portions of it. If you believe your spouse is hiding assets during a wealthy divorce, be prepared to launch a professional investigation.

The process of financial analysis starts by discussing with your attorney why you believe your partner may be hiding assets. Are there accounts that you vaguely remember hearing about in the past? Did you come across something suspicious, a notice or a statement of some kind? Write down all the possibilities and the amounts that may not be adding up to present to a team of professional asset investigators.

Professional asset investigators:

When you strongly believe your spouse is hiding assets, be prepared to invest money in hiring a professional. There are options to choose from when you want to ensure your division of assets are conducted properly.

Forensic accountantsGathers detailed asset information from careful investigation; organizes information into an electronic database; considered an expert witness in court testimony.

Former IRS agentsRetired or Contract tax investigators with a background in the IRS have helped people launch a tax fraud investigation during their divorce.

Private & commercial investigator Hiring a private investigator before divorce is announced helps gain an advantage of disclosure. However, many private investigators are utilized to uncover hidden wealth that deserves to be fairly divided during divorce.

Launching a professional asset investigation may highly benefit a wealthy trial divorce. There are often many financial intricacies in business assets, retirement accounts, savings, real estate investments and more. Professional investigations may recover the truth before a couple decides to settle on amounts and finalize the divorce orders.