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Protecting Your Assets During A Minnesota Divorce

You have worked hard to get to where you are in life. Don’t let a divorce take that all away from you.

For most people going through a divorce, one of their top priorities is to protect their assets. Don’t leave money on the table after your divorce. Let a skilled and experienced attorney help you through the division of your assets.

Providing Skilled Legal Assistance With Issues Of Property Division

At the Haugen Law Group, PLLC, with offices in Excelsior, our attorneys begin every case by taking the time to understand what property is most important to you. With decades of experience on our side and a long-standing tradition of excellence in this community, we know how to protect assets of all types, from family homes to farms, businesses and investment accounts.

Separating Nonmarital Assets From Marital Assets

Nonmarital assets are those that are not subject to property division during a divorce. These typically include assets that were acquired prior to marriage and inherited assets. However, many assets have both nonmarital and marital characteristics because they were co-mingled during marriage, such as:

  • A home that was purchased separately prior to marriage by one spouse but paid off by both spouses during the marriage
  • A retirement account that was funded, at least in part, prior to marriage
  • A down payment on a current home that was paid with money from the sale of a house owned before marriage
  • An inheritance left for your benefit by a deceased relative

Dividing property can become even more complex when factors like interest are taken into account. It is critical for you to choose a lawyer who is adept at handling these complex matters. We have proven our skill time and time again.

What Is Equitable Distribution?

Minnesota is an equitable distribution state, meaning that marital assets are to be divided in a manner that is fair, but not necessarily in a manner that is equal. While 50-50 divisions are not uncommon, in some cases a 55-45 split may make more sense based on the factors involved. Our goal is to ensure fairness for our clients and that their needs are met.

Contact the Haugen Law Group online to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. You may also call us at 952-479-8132 or at 800-684-1293 toll-free. We accept all major credit cards, including American Express, for the convenience of our clients.